Complete Guide to iBoot Download by tonymacx86

We find rights to iBoot Download which is one of the trending developments by tonymacx86. iBoot is simply the best program supports in installing Mac OSX to any PC or Laptop that based to the Intel lineup. For the most interesting fact, iBoot Download is used to install Mac OSX in many desktop PC versions including the newest Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. And also supports for older processors like Core2Duo, Pentium 4, and CoreDuo making a lot of users benefited with iBoot program.

Note to the user: iBoot supports a wide array of PCs and Laptops with support to latest and some older processors as well. But it is important to remember that, AMD processors do not support in MultiBeast Windows, iBoot Download or the MAC OSX dual boot method. So make sure to verify the compatibility and start with the process

  • Windows
  • Mac
iboot download

What is iBoot and
iOS Recovery mode?

Replacing the older Bootloader “BootX”, iBoot Download comes as the stage two Bootloader for Apple products. And above the older one here iBoot features improved authentication.

  • iBoot Developer: Apple Inc.
  • Operating system: Darwin, Mac OS and iOS
  • Platforms: x86 and ARM
  • iBoot program type: Bootloader
  • License: Proprietary software program

The Recovery mode for iOS is the solution to get the device back working by saving from a number of unresponsive conditions. And here Recover mode is also branded as “second-stage loader”, that boots the device in iBoot (stage two Bootloader for Apple products) mode. iBoot here is applied to flash the device with a new operating system. iBoot acts in response to a some degree of commands.

And in the other way can return certain information about the Apple device which is actually limited. iBoot does not load the iOS, as it does not carry too much iOS limits. In exacting, iBoot or Recovery mode gives rights in connecting the device to the desktop PC even at a condition the USB Restricted Mode was enabled on the device. So in the way, iBoot supports in running Recovery mode together with an interactive interface.


About Mac OSX

iboot pcThe Bootloader is also called the Boot manager or Bootstrap loader which is the program that fills and set up the boot time tasks and the functions of an operating system or the complete computer system. It automatically executes by the processor when the machine turns on.


When the computer is powered on, the Bootloader performs the power-on self-test (POST). Then, the Bootloader is going to work on loading the operating system for the computer getting into memory. With that, the computer will then start with access, load, and processing the whole operating system. And here iBoot is a second stage Bootloader for Apple devices managing through Recovery mode.


    iBoot Download Versions

  • iBoot 3.3.0
  • iBoot Ivy Bridge 1.1.0
  • iBoot Haswell 1.0.1
  • iBoot Legacy 2.7.2

Please Note: the program iBoot Download may not work out perfectly at your very first attempt. So you need to have proper attention and patience towards the process to reach the highest success. You can follow tonymacx86 Forum to meet more similar users and talk more about the utility


Before begin with iBoot Download and process:

  • Keep the monitor plugged in with use only 1 graphics card in the 1st PCIe slot
  • Required only the blank drive being used for OS X and remove any hard drives
  • Remove USB connections keeping only the keyboard and mouse
  • Get away from PCI cards that aren’t supported Mac keeping only graphics
  • Use the hard drive empty as you will have to make separation and format the drive here
  • Do backup all the existing data for confirmed security

Complete Guide to iBoot and MultiBeast Download

iBoot + MultiBeast is the best method to install Snow Leopard with working components on your Intel-based Laptop or PC. This is tested on some of the latest Intel-based machines and has gained successful results. And most importantly, it requires no coding, no terminal work and even Mac experience. So it is to follow the steps for the right results through iBoot Download.


    Step 1: BIOS Settings

  • Visit default BIOS settings
  • Set the CD ROM and go to the Priority List
  • Disable the option Extreme Hard Drive XHD
  • Switch into ACPI Suspend Form to S3 (STR)

  • Step 2: How to Install Mac OSX on Windows

  • Continue with iBoot Download
  • Burn the program into the blank CD/DVD you prepared above
  • Keep the iBoot CD/DVD in your CD drive and restart the PC
  • When the boot prompt comes, eject iBoot and get the CD/DVD out
  • Insert the MAC OSX Snow Leopard CD/DVD into the CD drive and continue by pressing F5
  • When you see the right screen, continue with Enter
  • Open Utilities/Disk Utility when you get the installation screen
  • Apply advanced themes and changes
  • Now partition the hard drive to GUID partition Table
  • Format the hard drive to MAC OS Extended and name it “Snow Leopard” for the purpose
  • Close it and choose Snow Leopard when you are asked about the installation
  • Choose to customize and there you can uncheck additional options. This will accelerate the process
  • Now restart the PC
  • Then place iBoot again in the drive
  • When the boot element appears on the program screen, choose the Snow Leopard installation and follow the instructions
  • Note: post installation of MultiBeast is then followed as the all in one post installation tool to enable boot from the hard drive, install compatibility for Audio, Network, and Graphics

Safety Notes

Before you are processing, you must verify that you are having proper preparation for what is to come. So pay attention on the following and have a fine installation experience.

  • First you must register here at tonymacx86 and get an account access
  • Follow the download section and get the latest tools
  • Must purchase a 16GB or USB drive with larger space
  • Before making any process, make a complete backup of the data existing as this takes a long process and could change some existing file with processing

Developer Credits for iBoot Download

All thanks for complete development of iBoot Download. We should give all thanks to tonymacx86. We could expect more tool updates ahead making your attempts to install Mac OSX on PCs better and stable.


If you are interested in turning your PC into Mackintosh and did not have any idea about from where to start, this is hopefully a great place to get everything into education. Learn about iBoot Download in a complete review. And by now your PC is fully operational and you got to go with new operating system.